I continue to work out sorting out the 18k photos.   Here is the latest batch of shots that I thought were worth sharing.  If you missed the previous installments you can find Part I here, and Part II here.

In Part III, I’ve included a video capturing a fairly rare moment where a male lion from the Majingilane coalition was spending time with a Lioness from the Othawa pride in the hopes of furthering the population.   He would not have any luck this time.



a zebra standing in a field

Zebra….Up close and personal


a baboon carrying a baby

Baboon and baby cross a road as Buffalo moved into the area.


a warthog lying in the dirt

Warthog watches with a wary eye….


birds in a nest

‘Lesser Spotted’ Weaver males work on their nests. Look closely to the left and you’ll see a Striated Heron sitting on her nest.


birds sitting on a tree branch

A rare sighting of a female (l) and male (r) Bataleur Eagle.


a zebra eating grass on a dirt path

A very pregnant Zebra eats for 2, while an Oxpecker goes for a ride….


a bird sitting on a branch

A rare ‘blonde’ version of a Wahlberg’s Eagle. About 5-10% come from the factory ‘as blondes’. Most are dark brown.


The following sequence is of a rare Night Heron that seldon appears the in the daytime.   The exception is typically only made when it is looking for a viable nesting area for her eggs.    I spend a good deal of time watching and enjoying her.

a bird flying over tall grass a bird flying in the air a bird standing on a rock a bird flying over water a bird on a branch a bird flying over plants


In the following video, you’ll see that Majigilane Lion trying to court the Othawa Lioness:

a screenshot of a computer