I’ve managed to pull out a few more photos from the thousands that I’m sorting through.  I’ve also attached a great video my wife captured as a Hyena was entertaining her cubs at sunset.

To see previous installments, please click here for Part I, click here for Part 2, and click here for Part 3.

Enjoy! 🙂


a monkey carrying a baby monkey

‘Baby on Board’


a bird on a branch

An ‘angelic’ Vulture awaits opportunity…..

a warthog walking in the wild

A nervous Warthog literally ‘hightails’ it away from me….


a close-up of a plane


a lion with a wound on its leg

A Warthog got the better end of deal after confronting this Lioness…..

a group of wild dogs running in a field

A pack ‘elder’ leads these young Wild Dogs on a hunt…..

a giraffes walking in the wild

An adolescent and baby Giraffe look on….

a lion with a bushy mane

Affectionately known to his fans as ‘Scar Nose’

a bird on a tree

A female Bearded Woodpecker doing what a woodpecker does….

a lion and lioness sleeping together

A Majingilane male naps next to his Othawa pride Lioness


The following video captures some great scenes as 2 Hyena Cubs play with their ‘Babysitter’….