I continue to work through my hard drive and memory cards in search of my favorite shots.   In this installment enjoy the Hippos, Rhino, Leopard, and Cheetah.   I’ve also attached a video of an underrated and very critical critter…….

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a lion cub eating grass

A Lion Cub returns my stare…..

a bird sitting on a tree branch

African Green Pigeon

a close-up of a plane


two rhinos in a mud puddle

A Rhino and Cape Buffalo create an interesting alliance…..

a close up of a leopard

A beautiful pose by ‘Xikavi’

a wild dog eating a carcass of a animal

A Wild Dog enjoys his reward from a successful hunt

a leopard walking on sand

Dayone approaches

a close up of a cheetah

Cheetah looking at potential target

a cheetah lying in the grass

a hippo and baby hippo in water

A Hippo casts a cautious glance in my direction….

a group of elephants with tusks

No Safari is complete without Elephants!

a buffalo standing in water

Cape Buffalo…in this case a ‘Dugga Boy’, or an old male that has been kicked out of the breeding herd…..Sound familiar?


In the following video, you’ll see Dung Beetles working a pile of Dung as they prepare to lay their larvae.   The Beetles will lay their larvae in the dung, roll the dung into a near perfect ball and bury it.  In about 2 weeks the larvae will hatch and emerge from the dung ball.    The newly-hatched Beetle will live for about 2 years.