This installment picks up where parts I, II, III, IV, and V left off (please click on a ‘number’ to be taken to that part).

Here you’ll find an assortment of critters including Elephants, Lions, Dung Beetles, Birds, etc. etc.  At the bottom of this post, be sure to watch the Rhino video.   We were as close as we could get without jumping on him for a ride 😉 !


an elephant with tusks in the woods

Did You Know? Elephants can communicate with each other through infrasound from 10-15 miles away!


a furry animal standing on a rock

A Mongoose provides a rare pose.


a lioness and lioness lying in the grass

I was about 30 yards away from these Lionesses with nothing between us. Fortunately they were too lazy to do anything about it.





a couple of leopards in the grass

A male and female Leopard (Ravenscourt and Tassleberry) are about to enjoy each other’s company.


a pair of black beetles on a rock

Dung Beetles battle over a pile of……territory.


two blue birds on a tree branch

Common but beautiful, the Blue-Ear Starlings shimmers in the sunlight.


a bird sitting on a branch

A Red-Billed Hornbill


a lion and a lioness lying in the grass

Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, are you up? Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom

a close-up of a plane


In this video, we experience a Rhino come as close to us as possible without sitting in the truck with us…..