On May 31, Lufthansa opened it’s A380 hangar to members of the media and invited us to tour the 747-8i. Suffice to say that it was a fantastic opportunity to get close to the new aircraft and learn more about what Lufthansa has in store for passenger experience. In this post, I’ll focus on the 747-8i. In upcoming posts I’ll talk about new technology and other developments that Lufthansa is introducing.

This was the first time that I saw the 747-8i live and in person, so it was an absolute thrill. You sometimes forget just how large aircraft can be until you stand next the landing gear or in front of the engine. This event gave full access to really get up close to the aircraft as I’m sure my pictures will demonstrate.

As the start of the event, Lufthansa hosted a Cocktail and Hors d’oeuvre session that included opening comments from Lufthansa Airlines’ CEO Carsten Spohr. Afterwards, the curtain lifted and the tours began.

The A380 Hangar Welcomes Us:

The session began with the introduction of Lufthansa’s Cabin Crew PR Team:

Lufthansa's Carsten Spohr Welcomes Media

After Herr Spohr’s comments, the curtain was raised on the aircraft:


This session included stops at “stations” that Lufthansa had established in the Hangar to present us Lufthansa’s other initiatives for passengers. These include new lounge furniture, social media enhancements, Frankfurt’s new A+ Terminal (opening in October)and Passenger Airport Technology. I’ll have more on these topics in a future post.

Here are images of the 747-8i from inside and outside the aircraft. Enjoy!

Business Class Cabin (Lower Level)

Business Class Seat Amenities

Economy Cabin

View From Front Of Economy Cabin

One Of The Galley Areas:

First Class Cabin:

First Class Seat Configured In Sleep Mode

Outside The Aircraft:

The Center Of Attention

View From Top Of Staircase