AUSTRIAN Business Class:  Chicago or Washington DC to Hong Kong:  $2500 !!

AUSTRIAN Business Class: Chicago or Washington DC to Hong Kong: $2500 !!

Austrian has launched a deeply discounted fare for flights between Chicago or Washington and Hong Kong for only $2500!  Miami – Hong Kong can be had for $2800.   The fares seem to valid beginning in September and availability runs well into 2017.    For those to whom it’s important, these are ‘P’ fares.     Of course, these flights from the US connect through Vienna.

Not sure if these are error fares or if they will only last for a short while.   So if you see something you like, book it.   It may not be there tomorrow!

Austrian’s website can be quite challenging when trying to find inventory so I suggest that you use something like to help you track down availability for this fare.

H/T: FlyerTalk’s NewbieRunner

AUSTRIAN Business Class Fare Sale!

AUSTRIAN Business Class Fare Sale!

It’s not often that you see AUSTRIAN come through with a Business Class fare sale for their fantastic product but when they do, its something to take advantage of!

The fare sale covers travel between their USA gateways and a variety of destinations throughout Austria and is valid for travel between June 26 and September 3rd.  This makes it an extremely attractive deal since it covers the peak travel season in Europe.

You can use this fare to get you to Austria and from there plan additional travel throughout Europe since airfares are typically low between European cities.

Fares from New York JFK and Newark are in the low $3000 range, while travel from Chicago and Washington is approximately $3500.

I’ve sat in the Austrian Business Class seat many times and it is among my very favorite when it comes to traveling between the US and Europe.

Vienna is a very easy airport to ‘manage’ and connections to other flights are about as easy as you’ll find anywhere.    Its fast becoming a great alternative to other large European airports.

The fare sale is in place between now and March 30 – I suggest you try to take advantage!

LUFTHANSA / SWISS / AUSTRIAN / BRUSSELS Business Class To USA From €1500 (Ex-Italy)…..

LUFTHANSA / SWISS / AUSTRIAN / BRUSSELS Business Class To USA From €1500 (Ex-Italy)…..

Lufthansa Group has launched a quickie of a Business Class Fare Sale for travel to the USA that originates from, and ends in Italy.

The fares are outstanding and include places like Miami, San Diego, Dallas from about €1500 Round Trip.   Even Hawaii can be reached for only €2000!

The sale covers most of LH Group’s North American gateways but availability may be somewhat limited and restricted to certain days.  Your best bet would be to look for midweek dates as they tend to have more of these low fares available.

The sale started today, and I’m not sure how long it will last.

It covers travel between July 1 and August 31, 2018, November 23 to November 30, 2018, and December 21, 2018 to January 9, 2019.   So spending Thanksgiving or Christmas in the USA is ‘farely’ easy!

The fares apply to LH Group Carriers Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian, and Brussels but also extends to other North American Star Alliance partners United and Air Canada.   After all you’ll need United or Air Canada if you want to reach Hawaii!