As a follow up to my recent post regarding my mileage ‘jog’ to Lisbon, I thought I’d share my thoughts on what amounted to a very brief stay with the Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa located near Lisbon’s ‘City Center’.

My main objective for this trip was to get as many ‘P’ & ‘Z’ miles as possible during my 3 day jog to Europe which included 10 segments (on a combo of LH, LX, OS, UA metal) with stops in IAD, FRA (3x), VIE, ZRH (2x), LIS,  EWR and finally GRR.   My ‘prowess’ for planning even created a nice block of time for Plane Spotting from Zurich’s fantastic observation platform.

I wasn’t nearly as concerned about hotel rooms on this trip since I would only be in Frankfurt for 2 nights and Lisbon for 1.    I settled on the Sheraton due to proximity to both airport and city as well as on the recommendation of someone who has visited the property.


This sight was waiting for me as I exited the terminal.   If you look closely, you can see that the rainbow spilled its colors into the flags......

This scene was waiting for me as I exited the terminal. If you look closely, you can see that the rainbow ‘spilled’ its colors into the flags……I didn’t realize how perfect this photo could have been at the time.   Unfortunately some of the street signs got in the way.


I landed in Lisbon at approximately 2pm and was at the hotel by 3pm.   Lisbon has a very efficient subway system with a station at the airport which made it very easy to reach the hotel.   In fact, the hotel was only a 15 minute walk from the train station and could have been shorter except for the fact that I got off of the train 1 stop too early.

The staff at check-in was welcoming and offered to acclimate me to the property and amenities.  Being that I was in a hurry to see Lisbon since I was leaving early the next morning, I politely declined the offer but asked about what I can see and experience in 6 hours in the city.    The check-in agent pulled out a map and proceeded to circle all of her favorite places in areas that were easy to reach and would give me a taste of Lisbon.    Her recommendation revolved around the Baixa District, which I wrote about in a previous post.   It turned out to be a fantastic tip.

Anywho, back to the room review………yes, anywho.

Being that I do not have any significant status with Sheraton, I was not expecting any type of an upgrade, etc. but thats OK, the room that I was given was more than suitable and had perhaps one of the more interesting bathrooms that I’ve seen in a typical non-suite hotel room.

The hotel room was spacious for European standards.   Even with a king-sized bed I had plenty of room and was not tripping over myself or my luggage.   The room was appointed in rich, dark colors which made it feel cozy and warm, without ‘shrinking’ it.   The room’s furnishings were in excellent condition with the room showing very little wear.   After settling in and with the room as comfortable as it was, it would have been easy to skip an afternoon of  sightseeing and to take a nap instead.  I had to battle through the temptation.

Enough said… are a few photos that I took that I think captured the essence of the room and should give you a good idea as to what you can expect should you stay at the property  (after seeing them however, I should just stick to plane spotting!).   Considering its location and reasonable pricing, I would easily recommend the property to anyone planning on a visit to ‘LIS’.




Looking back to the entry way. Closets are to the left, bathroom is on the right. The ‘X’ on the ceiling and floor are side effects from the camera’s flash.



A VERY comfortable king-sized bed. I slept like a baby.


As I mentioned early, the bathroom was the unique feature.   One of the walls was glass which gave a very clear view of the bath from the bedroom.  Privacy could be achieved with the blinds but if you are sharing a room with a non-significant other,  a lot of steps need to take place to ensure privacy!  If I had to guess, I would submit that this glass wall is designed to make the room look bigger.  A solid wall would give the room a claustrophobic feel.



Other than the ‘unique’ glass wall feature, the bathroom was outstanding. Spotless, roomy and full of useful amenities.  Though I was not a big fan of the large mirror in the shower….Scary and sobering…..I had to turn the other way! 🙂



Looking the other way into the room, you’ll find standard room features including desk, chair, dresser, flat-screen TV etc. The shades are drawn to eliminate glare from the sunshine. The shades are powered, making it easy to adjust settings without fumbling with cords, etc.



Decent views of Lisbon from the upper floor room. Having just rained, the window was spotted….sorry!



Aother view of Lisbon looking to a different direction.