A bit off topic but based on the popularity of my Sigma lens post, I suspect this may apply to a few of you!

As I was prepping my gear for my Safari trip next week, I connected my 150-600 S to its USB cradle to customize focus settings for my D4S and realized that  a firmware update was released a few days ago.

Sigma Optimization Pro software

                                        Sigma Optimization Pro software

In their release notes, Sigma stated that there is a substantial improvement to autofocus when the camera is using its Continuous Servo (AF-C) mode.   This update should improve upon an already fast focusing lens when using it for ‘in-motion’ photography.

To download the upgrade, simply connect your USB Dock to your lens and computer and run the Sigma Optimization Pro software which will walk you through the firmware update.    It took 3 minutes to complete.

I did not see any info regarding firmware updates for other camera mounts.