In a few short weeks, I’ll be heading out for a few days in Singapore. The trip came on relatively short notice and at quite a surprise thanks to the tech issue that allowed for the award booking of Singapore First Class seats through United’s Mileage Plus while Singapore was undergoing a technology upgrade a few weekends ago.

Being that I’ve never been to Singapore, I’m reaching out to you for advice on things to do while I am there. Thus far only 2 things are set in stone. One, my flights are set. Normally most of my international travel involves Lufthansa, but in this case, considering the circumstances under which I was able to book the trip, I’ll be flying on Singapore Airlines (Star Alliance member) for the first time.

I’ll be flying United from Grand Rapids to Houston and from there it will be on Singapore Airlines from Houston to Singapore via Moscow. On the return, it will be Singapore-Hong Kong-San Francisco on Singapore and then San Francisco-Chicago-Grand Rapids on United:

The only other item on my agenda that is set is my hotel. I’ll be staying at the Grand Hyatt and will be in a good position to compare and contrast this property against the other Hyatt properties that I had stayed in during previous trips to Hong Kong, specifically the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, and the Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui.

Apart from these 2 items on my itinerary, there’s little else on my itinerary and this is where I hope you can help. On past trips, you have given me fantastic recommendations on places to go and things to see in Istanbul and Hong Kong. I’m hoping that will be the case with Singapore as well! For your efforts (as was the case in my other trips), I’ll bring back souvenirs from Singapore for the individuals responsible for the top 3 places that are suggested (as determined by me).

Thanks in advance for your ideas and suggestions, I look forward to sorting through all of them!