Listed below are recently announced route changes from Skyteam and Oneworld carriers:


China Eastern effective Jan 1 2012 increased service to 7x/daily between Beijing and Taiyuan. In sddition service between Zhengzhou and Xining has increased from 3x/week to daily.

Alitalia effective Mar 25, 2012 will increase service between Rome and Moscow (Sheremetyevo) to 16x/week. Currently it is operating the route 14x/week.

AeroMexico effective Apr 29, 2012 is terminating its 3x/week service between Mexico City (MEX) and Denver, Colorado (DEN)


Finnair has several changes coming to its Summer 2012 timetable (All effective Mar 25, 2012):

Helsinki-Prague will be 14x/week (currently 8x/week)
Helsinki Budapest will be 14x/week (currently 12x/week)
Helsinki–Lisbon Summer schedule is terminated
Helsinki-Pisa Summer schedule is terminated

Iberia Is terminating the following 3 routes currently being flown from Madrid:
Effective Jan 30, 2012 Madrid-Pisa
Effective Jan 31, 2012 Madrid–Genoa
Effective Feb 1, 2012 Madrid-Naples

Cathay Pacific effective Mar 25, 2012 is reducing service on Hong Kong-Auckland to daily (currently 10x/week) and effective May 1, 2012 is reducing Hong Kong-Toronto to 10x/week (currently 14x/week).

S7 Airlines effective June 16, 2012 will begin 2x/week service between Novosibirsk and Ulan-Ude. The route will be flown by Boeing 737-800’s.