With the opening of Heathrow’s new Queen’s Terminal in June, Star Alliance members began to transfer their operations to the brand new facility.    As part of the move, Lufthansa has installed a fantastic new SENATOR & BUSINESS Lounge for passengers to enjoy.   Though the new terminal has been open since June, the construction of the Lounges was not completed until recently, just ahead of Lufthansa’s scheduled date to transfer operations to ‘T2’.    A select few had an opportunity to gain a sneak peek of the new Lufthansa Lounges before the flying public could get its hands on it and shared their photos.

A big thanks to Vielfliegertreff’s RCS (akaFlyerTalk’s RCS85551)  and FlyerTalk’s Oliver2002 for providing all of the photos of the new Lounge that you’ll see below.   You’ll notice that the theme of the lounge is consistent with that of the new Lounges that you’ll find in Frankfurt, with new seat designs and separate seating areas based on passenger’s needs.   From first glance, it looks as though Lufthansa will recreate the same Senator & Business Class experience as we are accustomed to in Germany.

To learn more about Terminal 2 and the additional amenities that you’ll find, please visit Heathrow’s official website for T2.




Schedule for *A members move to Terminal 2


Entry and Reception:






A wide variety of seating options welcomes passengers:








Attention to details:   Multiple power outlets

Attention to details: Multiple power outlets in the ‘Business Center’ of the lounge.


As you would expect, the lounge is well appointed with high quality offerings:




A large self-serve food and beverage area is nearly identical to what you would find in other new Lounges….