The Star Alliance has launched a contest celebrating their 20th anniversary and 21 lucky winners will win 1,000,000 miles for their Frequent Flyer Program (or other prizes as determined by the airline’s frequent flyer program).

To enter, there are a few hoops that they will make you jump through including submitting a ‘selfie’, uploading a photo that you took depicting a cultural experience, and a short message discussing your cultural epiphany.

To be eligible for an entry you must be a current member of a Star Alliance frequent flyer program (status level doesn’t matter).   You must also be a member in the same plan at the time the winner is announced.    When completing your entry you’ll be asked to provide your Frequent Flyer number for your program and that is the account that will receive the miles.    There will be one winner for each of the 21 frequent flyer programs in Star Alliance.   Please be aware you can only enter once.   If you are a member of multiple plans, you’ll have to pick one.  Once you enter, you can not change or update your entry.

Though most of the programs will award their respective winner the 1,000,000 miles, a few of the plans have alternate prizes.    SAS will award 4 ‘Round The World’ Business Class Tickets, Air China will give you 1,000,000 kilometers, Air India will give you 1,000,000 FR Points, and Air New Zealand will give you 20,000 Airpoints Dollars.

The winner will be able to use the miles as they normally would within their plan however the miles are award miles only and do not count towards status levels.

The contest runs until July 31 and the winner will be picked by a panel of judges for each frequent flyer program.   The winner will be announced on September 28, 2017.

To learn about additional details and the terms/conditions, please click here.