Several route changes announced in the last 3 days by Star Alliance Carriers:


Ljubljana-Copenhagen effective March 25 is increasing from 5x/week to 6x/week.

Air China:

Chengdu-Hong Kong effective July 1 will increase from 2x/day to 3x/day.
Shanghai-Melbourne effective May 1-May 30 decreases from 4x/week to 3x/week.
Shanghai-Sydney effective May 1-May30 decreases from 3x/week to 2x/week.


Seoul-Sendai effective May 21 will increase from 3x/week to 1x/DAY.
Seoul-Da Nang effective March 25 will increase from 2x/week to 3x/week.


Vienna-Beijing effective March 25 will be reduced from 1x/day to 5x/WEEK.

South African Airway:

Johannesburg-Ndola effective will increase from 7x/week to 9x/week (SA Airlink operated).

SAS Scandinavian Airlines:

Stavanger-Paris(CDG) effective August 27 will begin 4x/week service.


Istanbul-Bilbao effective May 28 will begin 4x/week service.


Guam-Sendai effective October 1 will increase from 3x/week to 4x/week.