Recent changes as reported by Lufthansa & Turkish.

LUFTHANSA: – Remember that Berlin service moves to the new Berlin Brandenburg effective June 3.


June 3 Berlin(BER)-Moscow(DME) increases from 1x/day to 2x/day AND service moves from Domodedovo(DME) to Vnukovo(VKO).
June 3 Dusseldorf(DUS)-Moscow(DME) shifts from 2x/day to Domodedovo(DME) to 2x/day Vnukovo(VKO).
March 25 Frankfurt(FRA)-Moscow(VKO) will begin 2x/day service to Moscow(VKO).
March 25 Frankfurt(FRA)-Moscow(DME) decreases from 5x/day to 4x/day.
June 3 Hamburg(HAM)-Moscow(VKO/DME) moves 6x/week service from Domodedovo(DME) to Vnukovo(VKO).



June 3 Istanbul(IST)–Berlin(BER) moves from 3/x day to 4x/day. (Note that service is to new BER).
June 3 Istanbul(IST)-Birmingham(BHX) moves from 5x/week to daily.
June 3 Istanbul(IST)-Brussels(BRU) moves from 24x/week to 28x/week.
May 29 Istanbul(IST)-Geneva(GVA) moves 14x/week to 18x/week.
March 25 Istanbul(IST)-Gothenburg(GOT) moves from 1x/day to 10x/week.
May 29 Istanbul(IST)-Hamburg(HAM) moves from 21x/week to 25x/week.
June 29 Istanbul(IST)-Hanover(HAJ) moves from 14x/week to 17x/week.
March 25 Istanbul(IST)-Helsinki(HEL) moves from 10x/week to 12x/week.
March 25 Istanbul(IST)-Malaga(AGP) moves from 4x/week to 5x/week.
March 25 Istanbul(IST)-Manchester(MAN) moves from 1/day to 10x/week.
March 25 Istanbul(IST)-Moscow(VKO) moves from 3x/day to 4x/day (Service change from Sheremetyevo to Vnukovo)
March 25 Istanbul(IST)-Munich(MUC) moves from 21x/week to 25x/week.
March 25 Istanbul(IST)-Oslo(OSL) moves from 10x/week to 12x/week.
March 25 Istanbul(IST)-Toulouse(TLS) moves from 4x/week to 5x/week.
March 25 Istanbul(IST)-Turin(TRN) moves from 3x/week to daily.
March 25 Istanbul(IST)-Valencia(VLC) moves from 4x/week to 5x/week.
March 25 Istanbul(IST)-Vienna(VIE) moves from 18x/week to 24x/week.
March 25 Istanbul(IST)-Zurich(ZRH) moves from 17x/week to 21x/week.