Recently announced changes from United, Air Canada, Brussels Airlines and ADRIA.


Los Angeles-Philadelphia: Effective April 1, is resuming 1x/day service.


Montreal-Cancun: Effective June 24 increases from 4x/week to 5x/week.
Montreal-Ft. Lauderdale: Effective June 24 increases from 10x/week to 11x/week.
Montreal-San Francisco: Effective May 1 reduced from 2x/day to 1x/day.
Toronto-Ft. Lauderdale: Effective June 18 increases from 8x/week to 2x/DAY.
Toronto-Puerto Plata: Canceled for summer.

BRUSSELS AIRLINES: (All effective March 25, unless noted otherwise)

Brussels-Berlin: Reduced from 43x/week to 38x/week.
Brussels-Copenhagen: Reduced from 5x/day to 4x/day.
Brussels-Venice: Increased from 12x/week to 14x/week.
Brussels-Warsaw: Reduced from 12x/week to 1x/DAY.
Brussels-Catania: Reduced from 4x/week to 1x/week.
Brussels-Lisbon: Reduced from 15x/week to 1x/DAY.
Brussels-Malaga: Reduced from 16x/week to 2x/DAY.
Brussels-Moscow(Domo): Increased from 10x/week to 13x/week.
Brussels-Palma Mallorca: 1x/week is CANCELED.
Brussels-Seville: 4x/week is CANCELLED effective April 16.
Brussels-Tel Aviv: Increased from 1x/day to 8x/WEEKLY.

ADRIA: All changes effective Jan 23.

Ljubljana-Barcelona: Reduced from 3x/week to 2x/week.
Ljubljana-Istanbul: Reduced from 10x/week to 1x/day.
Ljubljana-Kiev: Canceled from summer timetable.
Ljubljana-London Luton 4x/week (Moves from Gatwick).
Ljubljana-Paris (CDG)- Resumption of 11x/week service.