Today’s route updates covers Asiana, Swiss, Egyptair and Turkish


Seoul(ICN)–Chicago(ORD) effective July 20 will increase from 4x/week to 1x/day.
Seoul(ICN)-Honolulu(HNL) effective July 19 will increase from 2x/week to 1x/day.
Seoul(ICN)-Seattle(SEA) effective July 25 will increase from 5/x week to 6x/week.


Zurich-Bucharest effective March 25 increases from 1x/day to 2x/day.
Zurich–Prague effective March 25 increases from 3x/day to 4x/day.


Cairo-Tokyo(NRT) effective April 15 will begin 2x/week service. Effective September 1, service will increase to 3x/week.


Istanbul-Bremen effective April 26 starts new 4x/week service. On May 28, this service will increase to 1x/day.
Istanbul-Leipzig effective May 28 starts new 5x/week service. On June 26, this service will increase to 1x/day.
Ankara-Berlin(BER (new)) effective June 6 will begin 2x/week service.
Izmir-Berlin(BER (new)) effective June 5 will begin 2x/week service.