Being away for a few days has me catching up to get these route updates, well, up to date.


Frankfurt-Tripoli effective February 2 is resuming 3x/week service.
Frankfurt-Tripoli effective March 25 will increase to 1x/day.


Vienna-Tripoli effective March 25 is resuming 5x/week service.


Bangkok-Colombo effective April 16 is reduced from 4x/week to 3x/week.
Bangkok-Auckland effective April 16-June 14 is reduced from 5x/week to 4x/week.
Bangkok-Frankfurt effective May 1-June 25 is reduced from 14/x week to 12x/week.
Bangkok-Sydney effective June 18 increases from 11x/week to 14x/week.
Bangkok-Perth effective June 16 is reduced from 6x/week to 5x/week.
Bangkok-Stockholm effective May 1-June 15 is reduced from 1x/day to 5x/week.
Bangkok-Seoul-Los Angeles effective May 1 begins 4x/week service.


Singapore-Adelaide effective July 2012 will increase from 1x/day to 10x/week.


Addis Ababa–Maputo effective March 25 increases from 4x/week to 6x/week.
Addis Ababa–Ouagadougou–Abidjan effective March 25 increases from 4x/week to 5x/week.
Addis Ababa–Seychelles effective March 25 will begin 4x/week service.
Addis Ababa-Dammam effective February 2 will begin 3x/week service.


Washington Dulles-Honolulu effective June 8 will begin 1x/day service.

Seasonal Routes effective between June 7 to August 27:

Houston-Rapid City: Daily Service.
San Francisco-Jackson Hole: Daily service.
Denver-Fairbanks: Daily service.
Houston-Jackson Hole: 2x/week service.