In their punitive manner, Ver.di, the union which represents a significant amount of Airport employees throughout Germany has called on its members to strike at both Munich and Nuremberg Airport on Tuesday, March 25.

According to the union, 120 Munich aircraft handlers will walk off the job at 3:30a. The Union has also called on employees to strike at noon, but it is not clear who that would involve at this point.

Nuremberg Airport will be impacted as well as airport employees will strike between 6:00a and 8:00a. This will include the Airport’s Fire Department as well.

Cancellations have already been announced at the airports.  Use this link to check the status of your flight.

Apparently this immature tactic is geared to draw attention from the airport operating authorities one day ahead of a scheduled negotiation session.

If your flights are transiting these airports, please be prepared for cancelations and delays. If you are flying Lufthansa, please call the airline to see if you run the risk of being impacted and to sort out alternative travel arrangements. Use this link to determine the best phone number to contact based on your location.

Lufthansa does have a webpage that you can look to which provides updates on possible flight disruptions but it has not been updated as of yet.