According to this piece from Reuters, Frankfurt Airport is under threat of yet another strike from its employees.   Ver.di, the union representing these employees has suggested that a strike is imminent and will take place on Thursday due to the lack of progress in negotiations with the airport operating authority.   This comes on the heels of a strike last month when security screeners decided to walk off the job creating significant delays and cancellations for travelers transiting FRA.

I could not find any other details regarding this recent announcement, but no doubt that we will hear more as Thursday nears.   This is the 4th or 5th strike that I can recall in this year alone that is affecting air travel in Europe.   You would think that the EU would somehow figure out a way to intervene and prevent these antics from becoming habits.    I guess this is what happens when the inmates run the asylum…….

And by the way, Italian Air Traffic controllers are still promising a strike on March 30th.