Thanks to those wonderful unions, A significant Air Traffic Controller work stoppage is expected in several European countries this week.   The effort is being led by French Air Traffic Controllers who decided to strike for 3 days beginning Tuesday, June 11.   As a result of the french strike announcements, several other countries controllers will join in sympathy including Belgium, the Czech Republic,  Slovakia, Italy and Portugal.   The sympathy strike by these nations is set for Wednesday based on the information that I’ve gathered.

The strike is apparently in response to the EU’s transportation commissioner’s speech which is scheduled for Tuesday.  The topic he will be discussing will be a new set of  laws that will centralize air traffic management to a single agency within the EU instead of each country having its own set of rules/regulations etc.

The major impact of this work action will affect travelers going to, or transiting French airports.  Most airlines have announced contingency plans and flight cancellations for this time frame.  If you’re traveling in the affected areas, check with your airline to see what options you may have.

Lufthansa has already cancelled 125 flights that had been scheduled for Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice and Marseille.