Was reading up on some changes to SuperFly.com and thought the changes are worth sharing with you. I discovered most of this today, so apologies if some of this information is not new.

Superfly was launched about a year ago, designed as a basic airline fare search engine. Now, it has the ability to break down your fare to show you what your miles are worth based on the fare you are paying. The site takes into account your elite status so it automatically calculates the value, per mile, of the fare that you searched for. For example, I searched for a fare from GRR to SNA and the search engine returned the following information and fare breakdown:

GRR-SNA was quoted at $388 R/T. It broke down the value of the fare into the fare’s “value proposition”.

Quoted from fare search: (this is just a copy/paste of text, the site is far more grapichs rich)

The price of this ticket is $338. The cost includes most taxes in fees. This is the amount your credit card will be charged. You will have the opportunity to confirm this payment on the checkout page of the booking site.

The value of the rewards is $107. This is the personal value of the rewards you would receive from purchasing this ticket. We calculate it by multiplying the distance you fly and the your personal base value of a mile or point and adding in any class of ticket bonus, elite status multiplier and any minimum miles per leg.

The total value of the ticket is $231. This is the value of the ticket for you. It combines the cost of the ticket and the value of the rewards. Remember, the cheapest ticket, rarely offers the best value.

I love how the breakdown takes into consideration your Elite Status. It also returns the search results sorted by your Frequent Flyer Program so its less sorting on your part.

When you first sign up for Superfly.com (it’s free!), you can select your Airline and Hotel Loyalty programs, and Superfly will log into those programs on your behalf to determine how to breakdown your fare’s value.

I thought this is a great way to look at what you get as an Elite Flyer in your Loyalty Program. Until now, I have been a big fan of Kayak.com, but after playing with SuperFly.com, I think its time for a change.