SWISS is running a fare sale for Business Class travel from the USA to several cities in Europe with pricing start at $2200-2300 (New York – Zurich).   Most East Coast and Midwest departures (Chicago) range between $2200 and $2400 while departures from San Francisco and Los Angeles range between $2900 and $3400.

Like most Business Class fare sales, these rates are approximately 50% off of their normal price and are actually very good deals.   Traditionally you’ll find the best premium fares of the year during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Take advantage of them if you plan on visiting the Christmas Markets that start in Europe at the same time!

According to the terms/conditions (which were not provided in detail), it looks like the fare sale covers travel between November 22 through December 5.  However, you may find variances based on specific city pairs.

Also pay attention to the operating carrier.  Some of my search results gave me the option of flying United or Edelweiss.    Make sure that if you are going to spend $2500 on the ticket, that you make certain that SWISS is operating your flight!    I say this because SWISS has one of the best Business Class products between the USA and Europe and it would be a shame for you to spend the money and not experience their hospitality!