On a regular basis, SWISS likes to change up its on board dining experiences so that passengers can be exposed to a variety of Swiss inspired themes.  Changes to the menu tend to happen every few months and are usually reflected in premium cabins on both short and long haul flights and are done in hopes of sharing a bit of native Swiss hospitality with their passengers.

The next iteration of unique dining experiences will take place between May 7 and May 20 and will focus of the Swiss tradition of  ‘Alpaufzug’.   In it’s simplest terms, Alpaufzug or ‘Alpine Cattle Drive’, is a tradition that celebrates the procession of cattle and goats to higher elevations for spring and summer grazing.   During the spring, numerous festivals are held throughout Switzerland celebrating this rite.


The popular Alpaufzug is even depicted in a special livery on one of SWISS' 'Jumbolino' aircraft.

The popular Alpaufzug is even depicted on a special livery on one of SWISS’ ‘Jumbolino’ aircraft.


To bring the celebration on board, passengers traveling in short-haul Business Class within Europe will have their own ‘festival’ thanks to an Alpaufzug inspired menu.

According to SWISS, onboard catering will include options such as Mostbröckli (cured beef), Appenzell cheese-carpaccio with cabbage salad and hazelnut vinaigrette and a Landsgemeinde steak (veal)  along with apple “rösti” and chard gratin.    Dessert will be a  “Biberfladenmousse”, a Mousse made with Gingerbread and almond paste.