SWISS has unveiled the details of the contest they’ve been hinting at the last few days.

The contest will award up to 4 winners a trip to Switzerland where they will be looked after by a host who’ll be charged with showing the winner the best that Switzerland has to offer.   The contest is open to everyone world-wide and will run for a month.

The Details:

To enter, you must submit a short video (1 minute or so) sharing why you should be chosen as the winner.  Your video will then be posted on the contest’s website where your the public can vote for their favorite.

The top 20 vote getters will then move on to the next round where a panel of SWISS Judges will pick a winner.   They judges will also pick 3 ‘wild card’ winners at their discretion that were not part of the top 20 vote getters.

The Prize:

Each of the 4 winners will receive an Economy Class ticket to Switzerland aboard SWISS.   The winner will also receive a 4 day Swiss Rail pass, 2 nights accommodation in Zurich, 3 nights in other hotels throughout Switzerland, 1000 Swiss Francs ($1013.00) on a prepaid card and a Ski Pass.

Thats not all…..

If you live in Switzerland, you can also enter to win the role as one of the hosts.   The entry process is the same as far as the video and voting is concerned.  The hosts will also win the same hotel accommodations and extras that the prizer winners receive.  In addition, the host will win a ticket to anywhere in the world that SWISS serves.  According to the fine print, it looks as thought 20 Host roles will be awarded.

To enter, please visit this site where you’ll be asked for your information as well as for your video.  


Voting will end on November 30 for the 4 ‘Visitors’ while voting for the hosts will end on January 31.   The winners of the ‘Visitor’ part of the contest will be announced on December 15 while the ‘Host’ winners will be announced on February 10.