SWISS’ current fare sale for Economy Class travel between the US and Europe ends on October 7.   This particular fare sale has 4 different groupings of valid travel dates between now and the first quarter of next year.

The first 2 groups cover departures between now and October 31 as well as between December 16 and December 23.   The fares for these travel dates a little bit higher than the other 2 groups.  On average I found these fares to be about $50-75 higher than the other group.  For example, Chicago – Zurich during this time frame can be had for $932.

The second group covers departures between November 1 and December 15 as well as between December 24 and March 17.    The same Chicago – Zurich airfare can be had for only $882.

The best fare that I was able to find from among the entire fare sale is a very attractive one between New York and Saint Petersburg which can be booked for ONLY $504.

Unfortunately the terms and conditions are not spelled out as well as they should be. There is no information provided as to when return travel has to take place, or what the minimum and maximum stay requirements are for the fares.