SWISS is currently running a 2-day fare sale featuring attractive fares from US gateways to a variety of Swiss destinations including Basel, Zurich, Geneva, and Lugano.   The fares cover Spring and Summer travel and are worth considering if you are thinking about a Holiday to Switzerland to help you forget about a fairly brutal winter.

The best fares include Boston and New York where for only $840 you can get to Basel or Zurich.  Otherwise most East Coast Gateway fares run in the high $800 to low $900 range.    West Coast Gateways (LAX/SFO) fares to Switzerland range from the mid-$1200s to low $1300 range.

The fare sale ends on March 4 and covers travel dates as follows:

Departures need to take place between April 6 and May 15.

Return travel can take place as late as mid-August according to the SWISS booking engine.

These fares are only available for Monday-Thursday travel.  Weekend travel dates will incur a small surcharge.