SWISS is offering deeply discounted First Class fares for those traveling from the UK to the United States.     There are a few windows on the calendar that offer the low prices.

The ‘less-better’ deal runs from mid-September through mid-November where fares to the East Coast or Chicago run at approximately $3500.   The West Coast fares are priced around $4500.  Not bad considering what the fares usually cost.


The better deal is for travel from London to the USA is available in 2 blocks:  The last 2 weeks of November (Nov 21-29 offer the best deals) , and last 2 weeks of December (December 17 –  January 2).  During those blocks of time, the East Coast can be reached for only $3037.00, while the West Coast during the same time frame can be reached for $3500-$3700.

The low fares also pop up from February through mid April for the same prices so there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to booking options.

The fare sale ends on September 21……

H/T: SkyTravelAgent