What should come as no surprise, SWISS has cancelled their flights that will be affected by the Winter Storm set to impact the Northeast on Monday and Tuesday.

The following is the list of flight cancellations thus far by SWISS for January 26, 2015:

LX16:  Zurich – New York (JFK)
LX14:  Zurich – New York (JFK)
LX18:  Zurich – New York (EWR)
LX22:  Geneva- New York JFK (JFK)

LX17:  New York (JFK) – Zurich
LX15:  New York (JFK) – Zurich
LX23:  New York (JFK) Geneva
LX19:  New York (EWR) – Zurich

Their press release only referred to the above flights, however I suspect that their Zurich-Boston service will be cancelled as well:

LX52: Zurich – Boston

LX53: Boston – Zurich

No word yet from Lufthansa, Brussels or Austrian, however I suspect all of their flights for the Northeast to be cancelled for January 26 and January 27.

If your flights over the coming days are affected, please use this link to find your local SWISS customer service center so that you can be reaccomodated.