Preface:   I am not 100% certain if this contest is open to everyone in any country of if there are eligibility restrictions.  The terms/conditions do not clearly spell out participation rules.   So you might be able to enter, but you may not be eligible.


To celebrate the Swiss National Team’s participation in the World Cup that starts this week, SWISS is giving away a pair of Economy Tickets to a lucky winner for every match that the team plays.   The tickets will be valid for travel anywhere on SWISS’ world-wide network.

To enter, all you have to do is visit THIS LINK and enter your guess as to how many goals the team will score against their opponents.   You’ll have to go to the Contest Entry Site ahead of each match and make your guess for the game.

As I mentioned, this contest may not be open to everyone.   It may only be offered for residents of Switzerland, but I have not seen that anywhere in the T/Cs.   I was able to enter successfully, so perhaps it is open to all.   Regardless, it will only take you a minute to enter so even if your entry is not eligible, you didn’t waste much of your time.