In part I, we took a look inside of SWISS’ brand-new First Class Lounge that has opened in Concourse ‘E’ in Zurich.     This time, we’ll take a deeper look at the new SENATOR Lounge that opened at the same time.

This new lounge appears to set a new benchmark as far as ‘SENATOR’ Lounges are concerned.    The reason I say this is due to the amenities.    Guests visiting the lounge will be treated to experiences that are new for most SENATOR Lounges.

For example, 120 unique brands of Whiskeys from all around the world are the to satisfy even the most discerning fans.    Fresh hot food is prepared out in the open, in front of visitors.  In addition, a traditional self serve buffet will be available as well.    The lounge also has 4 shower rooms allowing guests to freshen up before, between, or after their flights.   The outdoor terrace that I mentioned in the FIrst Class Lounge post is also available to SENATOR Lounge visitors as well.

See what I mean when I say a new benchmark??

The lounge is fairly large.   At nearly 12,000 sq. ft., it is designed to accommodate 170 guests.    Doing the math, if the lounge were at capacity, 70% of the people in the lounge could each have a unique dram of Whiskey at the same time.  Impressive!

Here are several photos taken by VielFliegerTreff member Ralf (VFT Handle ‘RCS’) who was invited by SWISS to enjoy the opening day events…..


SENATOR Welcome Area

SENATOR Welcome Area


12,000 Sq. Ft. of comfortable multi-purpose space.

Comfortable and secluded private area

Comfortable and secluded private area


Self-Serve Cold Buffet


Self-Serve Bar


The very impressive bar, with 120 unique selections of Whiskey from around the world.


Dining Area


Fresh hot meals prepared in front of guests


An interesting wall mural highlights the Swiss Alps


Spacious Restrooms


An outdoor terrace is one of the lounge’s many highlights…..