In the final ‘installment’ covering the opening of SWISS’ new lounges in Zurich, I’ll take a look inside their Business Class Lounge.    This new lounge, like the FIRST and SENATOR Lounges are located inside the airport’s ‘E’ Concourse.

The Business Lounge is the largest of the 3, covering 13,000 square feet and can hold up to 200 visitors at once.   It makes sense for this lounge to be the biggest, since it is the ‘easiest’ of all the 3 lounges to get in.

Like the SENATOR lounge, the Business Class Lounge offers guests 4 shower rooms as well as an upgraded food service.    Hot foods are prepared fresh in front of guests, and cold buffet offerings are present as well.   A self-serve bar is available as well and guests have access to an outdoor terrace.

Thanks again to VielFliegerTreff’s Ralf (RCS) for sharing his photos…….


Terrace access similar to First Class and Senator lounges


Fresh food prepared in front of you!


Looks better than most Business Lounges that I’ve seen!


Private rest areas