In what is a great stroke of active AND passive marketing, SWISS over the summer had put it’s touch of Switzerland on the New York City Subway.

SWISS and Switzerland Tourism partnered together to bring Switzerland to NY’s subway. They took the “S” shuttle train service between Times Square/42nd St. and Grand Central Station and splashed the train with images of Switzerland and SWISS aircraft.

Each train car had a unique image of a Swiss scene that covers most of the car. The Swiss influence continues inside the train car with panoramas that cover the entire train car interior, seats included.

Has anyone taken a ride on this special “livery”? What did you think??

To fully appreciate their effort, take a few moments and watch the SWISS video below. While watching the video you’ll hear cow-bells in the background, but rest assured coming from this former New Yorker of 24 years, I had never, ever seen or heard a cow on a train. Stranger things yes, but a cow? No!! Enjoy!