SWISS has made it known that they are seeking to hire an individual for the role of SWISS Explorer.  This role, salaried, is a 6 month assignment that will take you around the world to a variety of SWISS destinations.


Your job description includes:

Travel around the world for 6 months.

Explore, review and report on your experiences that will cover a range of topics including dining, points of interest and cultural highlights.  Reporting to be done via Blog, Video and Photography.

You will be considered a SWISS employee, and you will earn a salary for your efforts.


Now that you are ready to apply for this fantastic opportunity, here’s how to go about it:

Visit this SWISS website to read all of the terms/conditions and instructions for applying.

You’ll need to submit a “Selfie”, a video of yourself demonstrating why you are the ideal candidate and a 400 word summary describing one of your travel experiences.  Consider this your audition!

You will also need to submit a resume, salary requirements and references.

Application deadline is May 28.


The selection process will include 7 entries that will be chosen by a jury of SWISS employees and 3 that will be chosen via public vote (click here to vote).

This final group of 10 will be invited to Zurich for a face to face interview on June 10/11.   The group will be vetted down to 4, who will then be interviewed on June 16.  From this group of 4, 3 will be chosen by the Jury and will be assigned a special task that will be completed by June 22.    These 3 finalists will have their work voted on by the public, with the winner being selected during this stage.

As a token of appreciation for the public voters, SWISS will award 10 random voters a pair of SWISS economy tickets for travel within Europe.  

What are you waiting for? Polish up that resume and go get this job! 🙂