LUFTHANSA Rolls Out Long Haul Business Class Enhancements

LUFTHANSA Rolls Out Long Haul Business Class Enhancements

Though announced in February during the unveiling of the new livery in Frankfurt, Lufthansa has launched a few very nice upgrades to the Business Class experience.

The changes affect long haul flights scheduled for flight times of 10 hours 30 minutes or longer and primarily focus on providing passengers with a comfortable rest.

What leads the changes is the addition of a high quality mattress ‘topper’ that has been custom designed for a business class seat.   The mattress is manufactured by German Mattress specialist ‘Paradies’.  This mattress will simply slip over the seat once a passenger decides to count a few Z’s during the flight.    To compliment the mattress, a larger pillow and blanket will also be provided.

For flights that take place during overnight hours, business class passengers will also receive a sleep shirt made by Van Laack.   For those of you who fly LH in the front of the plane, you’ll recognize the name since they also make quite a bit of the First Class pajamas.

These upgrades are already available on qualifying flights (10.5 hours or longer) to the Americas and Africa.   Flights to Asia will see the upgrades in June, while the rest of the long haul network with qualifying flights will see the enhancements by Fall.



LUFTHANSA Business Class Sale Ex-Italy and France To The World

LUFTHANSA Business Class Sale Ex-Italy and France To The World

Lufthansa has discounted several destinations around the world during a Business Class fare sale targeting departures from Italy and France (There may be other European countries involved, but I didn’t see it).

The most attractive pricing appears to be to Asia with most fares from France or Italy ranging between €1900 and €2200.    Latin America is also attractively priced in the same price range and South America can be reached for about €2300 to €2500.     USA and Canadian destinations begin at €2900 and work their way up from there.

It looks as though the fares are available for travel between now and October, but the lowest prices are to be found for departures and return flights taking place mid-week during this period.   A six night stay is also part of the terms for this sale.


LUFTHANSA / SWISS / AUSTRIAN / BRUSSELS Business Class To USA From €1500 (Ex-Italy)…..

LUFTHANSA / SWISS / AUSTRIAN / BRUSSELS Business Class To USA From €1500 (Ex-Italy)…..

Lufthansa Group has launched a quickie of a Business Class Fare Sale for travel to the USA that originates from, and ends in Italy.

The fares are outstanding and include places like Miami, San Diego, Dallas from about €1500 Round Trip.   Even Hawaii can be reached for only €2000!

The sale covers most of LH Group’s North American gateways but availability may be somewhat limited and restricted to certain days.  Your best bet would be to look for midweek dates as they tend to have more of these low fares available.

The sale started today, and I’m not sure how long it will last.

It covers travel between July 1 and August 31, 2018, November 23 to November 30, 2018, and December 21, 2018 to January 9, 2019.   So spending Thanksgiving or Christmas in the USA is ‘farely’ easy!

The fares apply to LH Group Carriers Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian, and Brussels but also extends to other North American Star Alliance partners United and Air Canada.   After all you’ll need United or Air Canada if you want to reach Hawaii!




LUFTHANSA 2-for-1 First Class AND Business Class Fare Sale (EX-Germany)!

LUFTHANSA 2-for-1 First Class AND Business Class Fare Sale (EX-Germany)!

Lufthansa apparently has gone on a bender with some of the offers they’ve introduced this week.

The latest includes a very attractive 2 for 1 Business Class sale to the USA from Germany where you can snag fares such as Frankfurt to Chicago for 2 passengers for only €3300, or Munich to Washington for €3300 among other deals.   Looking at the details from Lufthansa, they’re covering most of their USA destinations with this offer.    The deal covers flights originating from most cities in Germany.

For the First Class sale, fares from Germany to most US destinations range in the €5200 to €5900 for 2 passengers making it perhaps the best First Class deal we’ve ever seen from Lufthansa.    If my math is correct, you’re looking at fares as low as €2600 per passenger to fly First Class between Germany and the USA.

For both offers, the following applies:

The deal is available for booking between March 14 and March 28, 2018.   Departures have to take place between June 22, 2018 and August 11, 2018.   Return travel has to take place between June 29 and August 26, 2018.   Tickets MUST be booked through and must be purchased at least 14 days prior to departure.



LUFTHANSA / SWISS / AUSTRIAN / BRUSSELS 50% Off Business Class To  Europe & North America!

LUFTHANSA / SWISS / AUSTRIAN / BRUSSELS 50% Off Business Class To Europe & North America!

Lufthansa, SWISS, and Austrian have posted a sensational Business Class fare sale for travel that originates from either Europe or North America!

The sale is scheduled to last until March 28 and covers travel between June 22 and August 11, 2018.

Some examples of the sale:

  • Frankfurt – New York for $2064
  • Prague – Washington DC for $2100
  • Munich – Los Angeles for $2600

In fact, most Business Class fares to the USA, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Mexico are ranging between $2000 and $3000, making this a fantastic opportunity for summer travel.


What’s especially nice about this fare sale is that it covers travel in both directions.   Usually a fare sale is targeted towards departures from Europe OR North America.   Though prices from North America are about $100-$300 more than prices for travel that starts in Europe.

The fares are also available for United and Air Canada operated flights, but why go there especially if United may kill your dog…..