Plane Spotting Johannesburg (O.R. Tambo) – Much To My Surprise!

Plane Spotting Johannesburg (O.R. Tambo) – Much To My Surprise!

As the heading indicates, I was surprised when I transited ‘JNB’ a few weeks ago as to the quality plane spotting that is possible at the airport.    It’s not so much for the traffic, which is fairly unique and diverse, but for the fact that JNB has a very nice enclosed observation deck overlooking most of the airport’s international departure gates.

The observation deck is located pre-security and is easy to find thanks to very clear signage leading you the area.   I only had about 30 minutes to spend on the deck as I needed to get airside for some last minute shopping and for our flight to Frankfurt, but even so, I had an opportunity for a few nice ‘catches’.



‘Zurich’ would be our ride to FRA.


Etihad's A330:  A6-AGA

Etihad’s A330: A6-AGA


Mango’s 737 taxis to her runway


A first for me, ProFlight Zambia's Jet Stream 41

A first for me, ProFlight Zambia’s Jet Stream 41



A late afternoon arrival from Sydney


This is Qatar’s 2nd oldest 787, departing for Doha.


South African’s very colorful A340-300 on her takeoff roll.


SWISS’ A340 towed to the gate ahead of an evening departure to Zurich