Up Close And Personal With Lufthansa’s D-ABYA And Her New Look….

Up Close And Personal With Lufthansa’s D-ABYA And Her New Look….

Today marked a new benchmark for my planespotting.  Thanks to Lufthansa and Frankfurt Airport, I was granted what for me was unprecedented access to the airport.    No place was off limits to me as long as I didn’t step in front of a moving aircraft.  Simply Wow.   You have to be somewhat of an ‘Avgeek’ to understand what this all means! 🙂

The day started before sunrise at the ramp where D-ABYA was being prepared for her tour of Germany, designed to show off Lufthansa’s new livery.    One thing that struck me today looking at her at the gate, parked next to other LH aircraft wearing the previous livery, was that the livery looks REALLY, REALLY good.    The contrast between the newer, sleeker look and the previous version is far greater than I thought it would be.   The new look simply gives the airplane a very polished and sophisticated look.    For those that think they don’t like the livery, I think their minds will change over time.

So without any other words, here are some of my favorite shots from this morning’s session.  Several hundred photos were taken and these are the ones that stand out right now.    I’ll be back on the tarmac to watch her land later today and I get to fly her home tomorrow….not a bad 48 hours!



Plane Spotting Is About To Get Better At Paine Field……

Plane Spotting Is About To Get Better At Paine Field……

With airlines announcing new service to Paine Field, it will become easier than ever for ‘Avgeeks’ to reach one of the Meccas of Plane Spotting and the home to one of Boeing’s major campuses. It’s only taken 80 years to get us to this point!

In the past few days, United announced that they will begin operating flights to Paine Field in October 2018.   Alaska made their announcement about service to the field earlier this year.    It also appears that Allegiant will serve ‘PAE’ as well, but no official announcement from them as yet.

United’s announcement stated that they will bring six daily flights from Denver and San Francisco.   Alaska thus far has announced 9 daily flights, but did not indicate where they would be coming from.

The Queen Of The Skies With Mt. Rainier In The Background


The re-opening of Paine Field to commercial operations has been a hotly contested topic in the Mukilteo area where the airport is located.   Equal amounts of voices were for and against opening PAE to airlines.   However, after the debates and legal challenges, the path has been laid to bring passengers to the field.



For us plane spotter types, this means it will be easier than ever to reach the birthplace of Boeing heavies and enjoy the views along the runway.    What used to be a flight to Seattle, followed by a drive that is usually mired in heavy traffic from Seattle to Everett can now become a flight to PAE, followed by a 10 minute hotel shuttle bus ride to the Hilton Garden Inn located next to the field.



Plane Spotting Munich:  Part IV

Plane Spotting Munich: Part IV

More of my favorite shots from the time I spent in Munich a few weeks ago.    Most of these images come from the Southern Runway which creates some great opportunities at ‘Sky Shots’ as well as having the airport in the background.   Then again, there’s really no bad place around ‘MUC’ to watch them come and go!  Enjoy!

For you photographer types, the equipment used was a Nikon D800 with a Sigma 150-600S.   A nearly perfect formula considering the Megapixels of the D800 and the crispness of the Sigma.

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You won't see much of Transavia around MUC anymore.....

You won’t see much of Transavia around MUC anymore…..

Aeroflot's A321 heads to Moscow

Aeroflot’s A321 heads to Moscow


LH's A320 departs in front of the Technik hangars at Munich

LH’s A320 departs in from of the Technik hangars at Munich

'KE' pulls away from Munich

‘KE’ pulls away from Munich

Cook's 767 taking Holiday Charter passengers somewhere warm....

Cook’s 767 taking Holiday Charter passengers somewhere warm….

Bucharest Bound Boeing.....

Bucharest Bound Boeing…..

Egyptair arriving from Cairo

Egyptair arriving from Cairo

Air Berlin 737

Air Berlin 737

A319 'LE' arriving in Munich

A319 ‘LE’ arriving in Munich

SWISS' A319 departs for Zurich

SWISS’ A319 departs for Zurich

Air China A330

Air China A330