PAYBACK / Miles & More Deal:  Earn 1,000 Miles for €2 !

PAYBACK / Miles & More Deal: Earn 1,000 Miles for €2 !

A H/T to FlyerTalk’s Oliver2002 for putting this on my radar…..

For those of you participating in the PAYBACK loyalty/points program, an E-Coupon is available for the BodyShop that awards 1,000 points for your first purchase.    Of course if you are a PAYBACK member, you know that the points automatically convert to Miles & More miles at a 1:1 ratio if you linked your MM account to your PAYBACK account thus making this coupon worth 1000 miles.

There is no minimum purchase required and there is even a coupon code that provides for free shipping (a €5 savings!).

As Oliver2002 suggested, the most economical way to earn the 1000 points (miles) is to purchase the 60ml size of the Moringa Shower Gel for €2 and then use a coupon code at check out to waive the shipping.   The code that needs to be entered for the free shipping is AOGV011515.

Remember that your order needs to be shipped to an address in Germany.  Also, if you are going to try and pay with a credit card that does not have a German billing address, you will not succeed.   However, there is a Paypal option available which will carry a surcharge of .22 cents so at the end of the day, you’ll earn 1000 miles for only €2.22 or 1/5 cent per mile!

Keep in mind that the coupon expires on April 26…..