Super Moon Plane Spotting….from GRR

Super Moon Plane Spotting….from GRR

I finally get to add ‘Moon Shots’ to my gallery……

With the Super Moon taking place on November 13 and 14, I decided to head to the observation area at Grand Rapids / Gerald Ford Airport to see what might happen when you combine a wide open view of the horizon, a moonrise, and the potential for aircraft to get into the mix.

Traffic was light, as is normal for ‘GRR’ on a Sunday evening but 2 aircraft did show up to provide decent scenes.   In the first shot, a Southwest 737 thankfully was 15 minutes early and cut in front of the Moon perfectly as the bird turned to its final approach.

The second opportunity came when a Delta Regional Jet arrived from the east and made a perfect pass ‘beneath’ the moon.  Unfortunately that was the only traffic that came in while the moon transited through flight path into GRR.

Tomorrow looks more promising since the moon will rise later, which coincides with a few more GRR arrivals and departures.


Southwests 737 turns to final into GRR



A Delta regional jet sneaks in beneath the Moon.