Airport Strikes  Force Lufthansa Cancellations For Tomorrow….

Airport Strikes Force Lufthansa Cancellations For Tomorrow….

Once again, the inmates have been taken over the asylum known as the German labor market and as a result operations will be paralyzed at airports throughout Germany tomorrow thanks to yet another strike.

As a result, Lufthansa has been forced to cancel nearly 1,000 of its 1,600 daily flights.

Airport workers at Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne, and Bremen plan to not do their jobs between 5am and 6pm.

The Union is obviously using this as an extortion tactic ahead of negotiations scheduled to take place on April 15 and 16.   I suspect they’ll call additional strikes after tomorrow ahead of their talks.   The Ver.di union is looking for a 6% raise for most public sector employees and they chose airport operations as their poster child for their latest tantrum.

If you are scheduled on a Lufthansa flight tomorrow, please check Lufthansa’s FLIGHT STATUS webpage for the most up to date info for your flights.



LUFTHANSA Cancels All Flights To Berlin Ahead Of Strike

LUFTHANSA Cancels All Flights To Berlin Ahead Of Strike

Lufthansa has announced that it has cancelled all flights to between from Munich or Frankfurt to Berlin  for Monday, March 13, 2017.   This as a result of a strike announcement by Ver.di who represents Ground Workers at both Berlin airports (Tegel and Schonefeld).

The strike scheduled for tomorrow comes on the heels of a walkout last Friday, and also comes conveniently during the ITB travel show taking place in Berlin at the same time.   Plans call for upwards of 2000 workers to walk off the job at 4:00a Monday through 5:00a Tuesday, making for a 25 hour strike.

If your plans included transiting Berlin tomorrow please use this link to see what your options may be.   Typically you can rebook to travel on a different day for no charge, get a refund, or switch to a Deutsche Bahn train ticket to get you to your destination.

Threat Of Imminent Strikes At Eurowings

Threat Of Imminent Strikes At Eurowings

Add more to the pile of woes at Eurowings……

Ver.di, the union that represents Eurowings’ ground crew and staff as well as airport personnel,  is threatening to strike at short notice after recent  labor negotiations fell apart.   According to the union, 4 negotiation sessions with Lufthansa’s LCC management failed to yield any progress.

At the center of the labor issue is the union’s contention that employees have not seen a raise in 8 years.   According to the union, the average Eurowings ground crew / staff employee earns only €131 more than Germany’s minimum wage requirement.

According to the union, it appears they are prepared to call a 4 hour strike with little to no notice between now and the next negotiation session which is slated for September 26.     Nearly 500 employees can walk off the job at Eurowings bases in Hamburg and Dusseldorf should a strike be called.

The Union is seeking a 7 percent pay raise while Eurowings has countered with only a 1.3% raise for 2017 and 2018.   So it doesn’t take a calculator to see that a major chasm exists between the 2 sides.   The current contract expires on September 30 at which point things could really get ugly.