LUFTHANSA’s New Look Arrives In Hamburg…..

LUFTHANSA’s New Look Arrives In Hamburg…..

Lufthansa’s first aircraft to sport the new livery arrived in Hamburg earlier this morning where she’ll get a refresh of the economy cabin before being introduced officially to the public next week.

‘D-ABYA’, Lufthansa’s first 747-8i, arrived from Rome where she was repainted into the new LH colors.    The interior work that will take place in HAM will reflect the new direction that Lufthansa is taking with interior colors.   Passengers will be greeted by warmer and lighter blue tones similar to the color scheme found aboard the A350 aircraft.    Over time, all aircraft will have their interior reworked into the new look.

These are some of the latest photos that Lufthansa has published showing D-ABYA’s arrival from ‘FCO’.   She’ll be in HAM for a few days and then flown to Frankfurt sometime on Tuesday.


Looks quite dark in the overcast conditions. I wish they had applied a similar angle treatment to the engine covers to make the middle of the aircraft ‘pop’ a bit more.

Parked at the Technik hangars in Hamburg

Looking pretty good!

Arrival from Rome….

The new, bold look of Lufthansa


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Hamburg Airport Reopens After Apparent Gas Leak / Explosion

Hamburg Airport Reopens After Apparent Gas Leak / Explosion

Hamburg airport has just reopened after what appears to have been a gas leak that led to the evacuation of the airport.

According to various media outlets, up to 50 people had taken ill and authorities had evacuated terminal 1 and 2 while searching for the cause.

Some outlets had speculated that the source of the gas was discovered at the security check area and may have spread throughout the airport through the ventilation system system, but nothing that I have read confirms that in fact a passenger is to blame for this.

The airport had been closed for about 1 hour 15 minutes before being re-opened.

UPDATE:  Booking For Special A350 Flight Between MUC and HAM Re-Opens Tomorrow!

UPDATE: Booking For Special A350 Flight Between MUC and HAM Re-Opens Tomorrow!

A few days ago I posted about Lufthansa’s special event to celebrate their first A350 that would take passengers on a round-trip between Munich and Hamburg.

For whatever reason, LH stopped accepting bookings for a few days, but now has communicated that tickets will be available beginning December 13.  I’m not sure if that means midnights Central Europe Time, or not, but at some point tomorrow you can book a round trip ticket scheduled for February 9 for only €179.

The special A350 flight will operate as LH350 on the outbound and LH359 for the return flight.    The flight from Munich will depart at 10:30a and return to leave Hamburg at approximately 5:00p for the return flight to Munich.

If your one of the lucky early bookers, you have a chance of sitting in Business Class.    Tickets are the same price regardless of class, so the earlier to try to book the better odds you have of sitting in Business.   FYI, the A350 fleet will not have a First Class cabin, so don’t look for those seats when booking.

The flight can be booked through Lufthansa’s dedicated A350 webpage.