I always look forward to the end of / beginning of each month because thats when Lufthansa releases their latest electronic issue of ‘Magazin’. Even though I receive a mailed copy of Lufthansa’s “Magazin” and “Exclusive”, the Magazin app version has that “little extra something” because of the multimedia interface. If you haven’t downloaded the App yet, I strongly recommend that you do. This month, there are several stories and photos surrounding the 747 and the upcoming delivery of 747-8i.

In this month’s App Edition, Tim Cappelmann interviews Elmar Boje. Herr Boje is Lufthansa’s 747 fleet manager and with the anticipation that has been building recently over the delivery of Lufthansa’s first 747-8i, it is interesting to read about his perspective.

The Interview As Found In The Magazin App:

Elmar Boje, 747 Fleet Manager with Lufthansa, has spent more than 16,000 hours in the cockpit and is one of Lufthansa’s most experienced pilots. The 59 year old captain is as excited about the new jumbo as he was about his very first flight.

Lufthansa Magazine: Which of the aircraft in the Lufthansa fleet is you favorite?
Elmar Boje: That’s an easy question to answer, the 747! Always has, always will be. The new 747-8 is even more elegant than its predecessors. It’s a perfect plane in every way.

Lufthansa Magazine: What are it’s advantages apart from it’s good looks?
Elmar Boje: It’s extreme economy, first of all, measured in seats per kilometers flown. The 747-8 is right up there with passenger aircraft like the A380 in this regard. And secondly, this plane is a perfect addition to the Lufthansa fleet since it fills the gap in seating capacity between the smaller A340-600 and the much larger A380.

Lufthansa Magazine: What brand new challenges do pilots have to look forward to with the 747-8?
Elmar Boje: The really amazing thing is that pilots will hardly notice any difference. The 747-8 handles just like any other plane, and so taking off, landing and all other routine maneuvers in the air are basically the same and pose no problem at all. Training for the 747-8 will focus on the new electronic checklist and how to use the other cockpit systems and procedures that have been modified, like those governing navigation.

Lufthansa Magazine: Could you describe the training process?
Elmar Boje: Sure, the practical part consists of two four-hour sessions in the “integrated procedure trainer”, a type of stripped down cockpit simulator in which pilots are introduced to the 747-8’s various instruments and procedures. This is followed by a practical test. The theoretical part actually comes before this so that pilots are well prepared. To conclude, pilots have to complete two familiarization flights, where they get to grips with a real cockpit under real conditions. having come through all of this, they’re finally ready to take responsibility for flying the 747-8.

Lufthansa Magazine: Will you personally be flying a Boeing 747-8 on scheduled flights?
Elmar Boje: My job as fleet manager largely confines me to my desk, but I won’t let that stop me. I intend to get up in the air at least twice a month.

Lufthansa Magazine: Because flying is so much fun?
Elmar Boje: I’m as passionate about flying as I was the very first time I ever left the ground, and I’m looking forward to this new plane more than you can imagine.


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