I’m convinced that a bunch of chimps are running the union at this point and are just pushing the ‘STRIKE‘ button…..

In what they think is an intelligent move, the union representing Lufthansa’s pilots has called for a 4th strike.  This time targeting long-haul flights on Saturday, March 21.

This is the fourth strike this week as they have been alternating between disrupting short haul and long haul flights.    It is expected that up to a third of long haul flights may be impacted on Saturday.  However during previous long-haul strikes, impacts are relatively minor since there are enough reasonable pilots out there that still care about their passengers.

More information including the affected flights will be published tomorrow by Lufthansa.  Please keep in mind that this strike does not impact the operations of SWISS, Austrian, Germanwings, Brussels or Eurowings.

I think at some point in the near future, the union will have this backfire in the court of public opinion.   Its happened in the past and the unions would back off.  Now with over 180,000 passengers inconvenienced by this week’s strikes, I suspect the pendulum will shift against the union.  Or at least one can hope it does…..

I can understand this type of behavior in France, Greece and Italy where strikes are a national past time and the concept is handed down from generation to generation and in some cases is even a career.   What I don’t understand is how this could happen to Germany and her once proud traditions….but I digress.