Thanks to my friends at Lufthansa, I have been able to put together a chronicle of the history of this great airline. As a result, I will post a piece of Lufthansa history any time that it celebrates an anniversary.

On February 11th in Lufthansa History:

1955 – Lufthansa signs a preliminary contract with Boeing for the purchase of 4 Boeing 707-400s. The price per aircraft was DM 22 million. This equated to 5.23 million US dollars at the time. In today’s dollars it would be the equivalent of approximately $42.3 million per aircraft. Today, a new Boeing 737-600 lists for $59.4 million dollars. These would become Lufthansa’s first jet aircraft to join her fleet. The first Lufthansa 707 rolled out of ‘final assembly’ in November of 1959.