For most of us, business travel tends to wind down towards the end of the 4th quarter as companies start thinking ahead to the next year. Fortunately for me my last business trip, 5 days to Cincinnati, took place last week leaving me home to enjoy the holidays with loved ones. I don’t even have a mileage run planned until mid January!

However, I do know that the skies will be full of Business Travelers who will be away from their families when they least wish to be during this Holiday Season. It’s to these warriors that I am reaching out to, wanting to learn more about how you manage being away from family during the most festive time of year.

I’m hoping that some of you Road Warriors can share with the rest of us any tips, tricks or strategies that you use to help keep those you care about the most close to you even though you may be thousands of miles away. I’d also like to hear about what your families do during your absence to help cushion you not being there. I’m sure it takes a unique individual and a strong family to pull off a successful Holiday when you can’t be together during it.

For anyone that would like to share with me their plans and their strategies for surviving business travel during the holidays, please use twitter to contact me. My twitter handle is @LufthansaFlyer, and if you could PLEASE use the “hashtag” of #LHFlyerHolidayTrvl that will help me filter out your stories and ideas from my twitter feed. After compiling your tips and strategies, I’ll come back with another post and share them with my readers.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!