Thanks to all for your great suggestions for how to spend my time while in Singapore. As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ll be heading to Singapore in a few weeks and was looking for some ideas since this will be my first visit. I’ve picked the 3 suggestions that will be added to my itinerary and they are listed below. There were instances where different readers suggested the same thing and in that case the person who posted the idea first will receive the souvenir.

As you’ll see from my selections, I opted to do something out of the ordinary as far as visiting a large city is concerned. Having visited most major cities in the world and appreciating them for what they offer, there seems to be a unique opportunity with Singapore to appreciate nature and to see things one normally would not see visiting most other major metropolitan areas.

The Winners and their ideas:

MARION: Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo features tropical beauty and wonderful opportunities to view lemurs, bats and other animals up close in an aviary, plus a chance to hand feed manatees, giraffes and babboons. A working elephant show, surprisingly good food and well-designed exhibits all contribute to a great day out.

Sungei Buloh Wetland Preserve features mangroves, a wide variety of birds, and even mudskippers and crocodiles. You aren’t in Kansas anymore, Toto.

JAGMAN: Night Safari

I envy you! First class form Houston to Sin sounds great.Book the cook. Try to Kaiseki Japanese 15 course if available. Probably on the route mack to SFO. Get the shut eye during the Moscow to Sin leg so you arrive fresh to tackle the first day to the fullest. The Grand Hyatt is very Zen and central. Transport system easy to navigate. Do dress light. It is hot and humid although we have virtually everything air-conditioned. If you’re here a few days do the night safari – a Zoo that opens at night only! Food and water is completely safe – tap water is potable. Eating anywhere would be an adventure and novel. And its very safe. Enjoy.


Since you’ll be close by at the Hyatt, I’d suggest walking up Emerald Hill to see some old shophouse style homes. With significant development all around it, this small part of downtown has been preserved. I used to live in that area and got to see it after 20 years when we went back in May. I second the notion of getting out of the urban center like the MacRitchie Reservoir suggestion. We hiked up the tallest hill in Singapore, Bukit Timah and got to see some monkeys. I used to go up there on school field trips when I was a kid. It feels nothing like the traditional Singapore everyone expects.

Thanks again for all the great suggestions. I’ll reach out to the three “winners” once I return from Singapore to make arrangements to mail you your souvenir!