As a result of an apparent coup attempt in Turkey earlier today, major airports in the country have been closed and there are no indications as to when they will re-open to passenger traffic.

Media reports suggest widespread attacks by Turkey’s own military has been taking place on a variety of targets in Istanbul such as their police headquarters and other government installations.   What’s not clear at the moment is the leadership of Turkey.

Rumors have been suggesting that Tayyip Erdogan has gone into hiding and requests for his asylum in various countries has thus far been rejected.  It also appears that the military has taken control of most media outlets in the country.

According to the media, border crossings have been closed and all major airports are shut down and are under military control.  If your plans involve traveling to, or transiting Turkey, please check with your airline or travel agent.    These events do not seem to have an end in sight, and you may be better off simply avoid Turkey for the foreseeable future.

For US Citizens, the State Department has set up a dedicated page tracking the events and providing advice for Americans trapped in Turkey.

Tune into your local news outlets, because this is far from over……