Thanks to the stubborness of the union representing Lufthansa’s Pilots, a third of Lufthansa’s short and medium haul flights have been cancelled for tomorrow, Wednesday September 9.

This is in addition to the cancellation of approximately 90 long haul flights today.

Additionally LH’s LCC, Germanwings had insisted that none of their flight operations are threatened by the strike tomorrow.  The union had previously marketed the idea that Germanwings would be completely grounded tomorrow.

If you are traveling with LH tomorrow on a short or medium haul route, please contact LH or your whomever booked your ticket to rebook or request a refund of your fare.

You can look up the status of your flights by visiting this link.  Hopefully you are on one of the 2,000 flights that are still scheduled to take place.

In related news, the frustrations have reached a boiling point at Lufthansa who has now announced that they will be taking legal action against the union and will seek the help of Germany’s judicial system to put in place injunctions against this extortionary behavior by the union.