Below is information that I gleaned from an email from Continental covering news and offers that I received over the weekend. It covers an update to their food service on domestic flights, covering First, Business and Economy classes.

United First® and United Business® dining
We are pleased to offer menu choices that have been carefully selected for our premium customers. Our recipes are developed through consultation with our executive and celebrity chefs throughout the world.

On flights less than 220 miles (approximately 1 hour or less):

Biscoff® cookies or pretzels served with the beverage of your choice

On flights between 220–699 miles (approximately 1-2 hours):

Warmed, all-natural breakfast scones or a selection of premium snacks and fresh fruit

On flights between 700–2,299 miles (approximately 2-5 hours):

A full hot meal service during traditional meal times or a light and refreshing snack in between traditional meal times

On flights greater than 2,300 miles (approximately 5 hours or longer):

A full hot meal service followed by a pre-arrival snack, or a light and refreshing snack on late night departures followed by a pre-arrival warm scone

Our signature onboard service elements include:

*Warmed, all-natural scones, made from scratch exclusively for United by Poppies Dough
*Premium snack baskets featuring all-natural pop chips™, Emerald® nuts, Clif® organic energy bars, Toblerone® Swiss milk chocolate and fresh whole fruit.
*Warmed nuts offered on all lunch and dinner services.
*Warmed cookies, made from scratch exclusively for United by Poppies Dough.
*Ice cream sundaes offered with your choice of six decadent toppings, available on long-haul lunch and dinner services.

On United Express® flights longer than 700 miles (approximately two hours), United First® customers will enjoy complimentary snackboxes featuring high-quality, brand-name foods.

For Economy Class Cabins:

Popular à la carte snacks, snackboxes and fresh food are available for purchase. Credit and debit cards are the only form of payment accepted for all inflight purchases, with the exception of a few United Express carriers.