From AVHERALD.COM, it appears that a United ERJ145 shorted its landing today and may have hit the runway’s approach lights. One passenger was taken to the hospital.

Accident: Expressjet E145 at Denver on Apr 3rd 2012, hard short landing, suspected of hitting approach lights
By Simon Hradecky, created Tuesday, Apr 3rd 2012 21:05Z, last updated Tuesday, Apr 3rd 2012 21:20Z

An Expressjet Embraer ERJ-145 on behalf of United, registration N15973 performing flight EV-5912/UA-5912 from Peoria,IL to Denver,CO (USA) with 22 people on board, was cleared to land on runway 34R. Tower controller was issuing instructions to other aircraft when he interrupted in surprise and exclaimed “he hit the lights” followed by “runway 34R is closed” instructing the next arriving aircraft to cancel approach clearance, maintain 9000 feet and continue on the localizer, all airport frequencies began to report an ongoing emergency on the airport, traffic on runway 34L and departures on runway 25 were also temporarily halted. The Embraer rolled out and stopped on the runway remaining there disabled, tower advised emergency services were deploying. The crew of another aircraft advised they were observing the landing and they had the impression the Embraer had hit the approach lights then touched down really hard but when they taxied closer to have a look onto the aircraft it didn’t appear they would have struck the lights but they aren’t sure, tower commented in response they’ll have the approach and runway lights inspected. The Embraer was evacuated due to smoke on board.

The airport reported the crew reported smoke in the cockpit, the aircraft was evacuated. One passenger was taken to a hospital, the extent of injuries was not known. The aircraft remained disabled on the runway, the runway was closed for 2.5 hours.

The airline reported the aircraft was evacuated onto the runway because of smoke on the aircraft.