United is once again selling miles with attractive bonuses……

This time, it’s a fairly straight forward bonus grid.    Purchase between 5,000 and 24,000 miles and get a 35% bonus.   Purchase between 25,000 and 85,000 miles and get a 75% bonus.

Obviously the better ratio is for the larger purchase….

Buying 24,000 miles for $840.00 will earn you a total of 32,400 miles which boils down to 2.59 cents per mile.

Maxing out at 85,000 miles for $2975 will earn you a total of 148,750 miles which equates to 2 cents per mile.   There is a bit of tax involved as well, so your CPM (cents per mile) value comes down a little bit.

The sale runs through July 3, 2017, so if you’re short a few miles in your UA account for that Lufthansa First Class seat, here’s a good opportunity to address that problem…..